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Elite Minor


The Elites were the main antagonists of Rise of the Spartans for the first few parts and invaded both Halo and Reach. During their invasion on Halo, the Elites were under the command of both Firelight and Ragath. 

The Elites are honorable and are strong warriors who, each Elite, have a different role and position. From the ranks of Halo, they are shown in Rise of the Spartans with their roles such as Honor Guards.

Different Elites


Minors are the lowest of the Elites and wear fully blue minor armour. Even known Minors are not allowed to wield energy swords in the Halo Universe, Minors are shown using swords in scenes.


Majors are higher than Minors and wear fully brick minor armour. Even known usually Majors have the same roles as Minors, they are sometimes seen doing different stuff such as commanding a small outpost or guarding the prisoners.


Ultras are strong and agressive field commanders who have fully while ultra armour. They are sometimes seen using Fuel Rod Cannons and Energy Swords, but are usually seen wielding Gravity Hammers to kill enemies. Sometimes Ultras face off against some of the Spartans in a one v one such as Ocelot and Swift.

Honor Guard

Honor Guards are the protectors of high commanders such as Ragath and have maroon General armour. They wield Energy Swords and were seen on board Ragath's ship and by Ragath's side at the Halo Control Room. One Honor Guard attempted to command Ragath's personal ship while he was gone but an Ultra killed him and assumed command.


Rangers are the Elites who drive the vehicles and work Covenant ships. Instead of Grey, they have a turquoise color and sometimes Golden Rangers are seen. They were seen working Ragath's Ship and driving Banshees and Ghosts.

Special Operations

Special Operations Elites (or Stealth Elites) are the assassins and spies of the Covenant and can operate in squads. One SpecOps Elite, Kalos, captured Cassi and even joined the White Lance.


Zealot Elites are high Commanders who lead armies and forces of the Covenant. Firelight was a Zealot and was the leader of the Covenant ground forces on Halo. Sahjook was an Ultra who was promoted to Zealot but Firelight, even known the same rank, gave orders to him.

Ship Master

Ship Masters are commanders of Covenant Ships. Ragath, although he was only a Shipmaster, was leader of an armada over Halo.

Fleet Master

Fleet Masters are leaders of Covenant fleets.

Known Elites

Name Rank/Armour Position Status Image
Rahgath Ship Master Leader of the armada over Halo Deceased by Sev
Firelight Zealot Leader of the Covenant ground forces on Halo

Deceased by Thel

Revived (Imprisoned)

Raptor Zealot Member of the White Lance, Zealot of the New Order

Deceased by Ragath


Ooskoo Fleet Master or Ship Master Leader of the White Lance Alive
Sahjook Ultra (previous) Zealot (current) Sev's partner

Deceased by Nightflash


Fido Minor Covenant Spy, Member of the White Lance, Archangel's ally

Deceased by Ragath


Rock Minor Member of the White Lance Alive
Thel Ultra Firelight's servant, member of the White Lance

Deceased by Sahjook


Kalos Special Operations Covenant Spy, member of the White Lance Alive

Rise of the Spartans

Invasion on Reach

During the battles on Reach, forces of Elites attacked the UNSC forces. After the battle between the two forces, Stealth Elites managed to ambush the Spartans, ODSTs and Marines. One of the Stealth Elites had their Needle Rifle pointed at the commanders head and ordered the humans to drop their weapons or he dies. Although the Stealth Elite team was eliminated and the Spartans managed to save themselves. Afterwards, the Spartans prepared for a small army of Elites to charge at them with the intent of killing them all. The Elites cut through the door, then ran at the UNSC under the command of some Ultras. One Ultra attempted to kill Ocelot with his sword but was eliminated by the power of Ocelot's shotgun.

Assault on Trident Industries

Nightflash and his squad arrived at Trident Industries which was under the leadership of it's CEO: Blake. Nighflash wanted to leave Reach and asked his friend Blake to help them leave. Although Banshees arrived with Rangers piloting them and planned on destroying them. The Elites then arrived on foot led by an Ultra who wielded a Gravity Hammer.

The squad started killing the Elites and planned on defending the Trident Industries. The Elites failed to kill Nightflash and his squad or kill Blake or even stop their plan to leave Reach.

Battle on Halo

It is introduced that the Elites are also on Halo with the intent of activating the Halo Rings under the leadership of both Ragath and Firelight. Archangel and his men fought the Elites for a pretty long time on Halo, as they are stranded there because of a Covenant Corvette. All squad members spawn in different places on Halo. Nightflash spawned nearby Archangel's base, Ocelot spawned at Firelight's Spire and was captured by Raptor, Brass spawned in a cave with some surviving humans, Whisper spawns in Austin and Ryan's base and Swift spawns nearby both Memphis's base and Alaxander's base. Firelight wants Ocelot executed but Raptor saved the spartan and allowed him to escape.

Kalos and his forces stole the AI (Cassi) from Swift and he sent his forces including Wraiths to kill the enemy forces at Archangel's location. Although Swift rescued the AI and killed many Elites with the exception of Kalos. 

During the final battle, the Elites found the control room and planned on activating it. Most the squad members died during the final battle and Ragath went on to Halo himself. With his Needle Rifle, Ragath killed both Ocelot and Raptor. Ooskoo and his forces, who were against Ragath, joined the battle and helped the humans defeat Ragath and his Elites. Ooskoo, Fido and other Elites confronted Ragath and his Honor Guardsmen in the control room, Ragath wanted to kill his brother so he threw a plasma grenade at him but Fido evaded into grenade, sacrificing her own life to save Ooskoo's. Ooskoo and Ragath then had a duel but Ooskoo won the duel, Ragath than ordered his Honor Guards to shoot and kill Ooskoo. Later, on Ragath was killed by Sev for betraying him and Swift used the Halo to revive everyone on Halo. Firelight along with other Elites were imprisoned.


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