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Elites ROTS

A Major Elite killing a Spartan

The Elites (or the Covenant) serve as possibly one of the primary antagonists and main enemies of Rise of the Spartans. 

Types of Elites


Minors are the most common Elites as well as the lowest ranking ones. They wear fully blue minor armor and wield standard Covenant weapons usually such as Plasma Rifles. They are often seen in large groups who fight enemy forces.


Majors are the second most common Elites and are higher than Minors, allowing them to wield better weaponry such as Focus Rifes and Plasma Launchers. They serve as low commanders who lead Minors or sometimes lesser races into battle. They wear fully red minor armor.


Ultras appear as high commanders and lead armies of lower Elites. They are usually seen wielding Gravity Hammers or seen using Energy Swords and Heavy Weaponry. They wear fully white ultra armor.


Rangers are possibly low ranking Elites that usually wear fully turquoise Ranger armor and Golden Rangers are sometimes seen too. They often wield Plasma Pistols and seen driving Covenant vehicles such as Ghosts and Banshees, as well as serving as workers aboard Covenant vessels. The Golden Rangers appeared to have jetpacks and were deployed in combat.

Zealots/Field Marshals

Zealots are high ranking Elites that wear Zealot and Field Marshal armor with random colors and are seen commanding and leading armies, ships and even fleets. The Zealots and Field Marshal armored Elites serve as the main elites of Rise of the Spartans.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard Elites are red General armored Elites that are deployed to defend and protect certain people and the only known Honor Guards are Raghath's. They wield Energy Swords as they are protectors and sometimes Plasma Rifles.


SpecOps Elites (known as Stealth Elites in Rise of the Spartans) are skilled warriors who are specialized in fighting in Active Camoflauge and stealth. They are often deployed in Stealth teams and often wield Energy Swords or Needle Rifles. 

Other Covenant races

  • Grunts
  • Jackals
  • Brutes
  • Hunters

Known Elites

  • Raghath: Raghath is an Field Marshal and the leader of the Covenant armada over Halo and the main antagonist of Rise of the Spartans. He was killed by Sev with his Focus Rifle for revenge of betraying him.
  • Firelight: Firelight is an Zealot and serves as Raghath's second in command and was placed in charge of the Covenant ground forces on Halo. He was killed by Thel but revived, and was imprisoned by the Elites. 
  • Ooskoo: Ooskoo is a Field Marshal and was leader of the White Lance. He was later killed but revived and remained alive.
  • Fido: Fido is a Minor and was a member of White Lance. Fido was killed by Raghath but later revived and remained alive.
  • Sahjook: Sahjook is an Zealot who  appeared as Sev's right hand and fought the Humans under Firelight's leadership and teamed with Sev to kill Nightflash and Swift. He was killed by Nightflash and soon revived, remaining alive.
  • Rok: Rok is a Minor and was a member of Ooskoo's White Lance. He remained alive.
  • Thel: Thel is an Ultra Elite who joined White Lance and was forced to serve Firelight. Although he was killed by Sahjook and later revived, remaining alive.
  • Kalos: Kalos was a SpecOps Elite who joined White Lance.


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