Elio Escobar

Elio Escobar is a minor villain in the 1980s TV series Miami Vice and a member of The Escobars who serve as one shot villains in Season 1 episode "The Maze". He is played by an American actor Alex Paez.

Elio is the most sadistic and psychotic of the four drug dealing brothers. He murders a detective named Dickey Hawkins in one of their bank robberies which resulted in their escape to the Maze, an old, abandoned hotel which serves as a shelter for homeless people. After taking the homeless as hostages, Elio caught a glimpse of a woman named Gabrielle and began to assault her sexually. Gabrielle's brother, Georges tried to stop him, but Elio murders him in cold-blood as a response which even disgusts his brothers.

Later when Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs infiltrate the Maze and rescue the hostages, Elio is killed by Sonny after shooting him in the chest. Elio then falls from the window and his body slices to the propeller of the helicopter.