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“You saved me once, so I'm merely returning the favor. It's the least I can do!”

Blast Elico's last words to GusAvenging Spectra

Elico is an anti heroic Bakugan and sometimes a anti-villain who appeared in Bakugan: New Vestroia. He was killed by Assail System by sacrificing himself to save Gus and Vulcan, he is voiced by Dan Petronijevic.

As Elico

Description du 

Elico est contrôlée par Mylene des Vexos. Il est la force pure et la force brutale, avec des pointes défensives qui sortait de ses épaules et les genoux et les tentacules six qui attachent à son dos et peuvent s'enrouler autour des bras de son Battler et les jambes pour rendre le lutteur défense. Il dispose d'un grand diamant d'or dans sa poitrine qui lance un jet d'eau pour vaincre ses adversaires. Sur les avant-bras sont Elico six lames utilisées pour attaquer les ennemis et protéger ses bras. Elico peut respirer sous l'eau.

As Blast Elico


Blast Elico evolved from Elico when Mylene threw Brontes and Elico out. Later, Gus found them outside the Vexos ship in stand form. In the next episode Gus used a forbidden card to make Elico, Vulcan and Brontes evolve, thus evolving Elico into Blast Elico.


Blast Elico has a mask covering his mouth. His six tentacles were replaced by a big tail. He now has three crystals instead of one. He has his fin spread out on his head and his shoulder blades are broader and bigger.


He has a horn drill on his head, his fins on his arms are replaced by brown drills, his eyes are red instead of yellow, his crystals are blue instead of yellow-orange and his shoulder blades now resemble drills.


Bakugan: New Vestroia 

Blast Elico first appears in Spectra Rises, when Elico evolved due to Gus using Chaos Ability X on him.

In Avenging Spectra, he assists Rex Vulcan in battling Farbros. When he changes his attribute to Subterra - they get the upper hand until Farbros merges with the Assail System. He later dies protecting Gus from an attack meant for him. Like Vulcan, he seems to retain his will after evolving as he sacrifices himself to save Gus and thanks him for saving him - saying he is returning the favor.

Blast Elico Daed

Elico dies

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