Elias Lundy, in life, was the chauffeur of Martha van Lewen. He developed an obsession with Martha which grew to the point where she could no longer bear it. Eventually she asked him out by the great oak in the grounds of her mansion and, on his arrival, shot Lundy in the back. He made it his mission in death to curse Martha by haunting her home and killing every male member of her family using his power. Unfortunately for him, his curse came with a backfire; he was unable to leave the house. He was eventually vanquished when Martha commited suicide to protect her grandson and therefore destroyed the object of the curse, do that and the Ghost is (and was) sent to Hell to pay for his sins for all eternity. Powers & AbilitiesEditAfter being buried by the tree, Elias started haunting the estate. In the episode Elias demonstrated several times that he had the ability of Electrokinesis. After his bones were unburied by Prue and Phoebe, he had the power to send his bones away. This could be the power of Portal Creation or Apportation. He is also immune to Piper's freezing power.