Pandarus is a magical wizard from American Dragon: Jake Long.


Pandarus is the Wizard of Wall Street and desires to be the most powerful magical being. He is first seen working with a couple of Troll henchmen, plotting to steal gold from Leprechauns[1]. He also hosts an annual Miss Magical World beauty contest, the winner of which he marries in order to steal their powers.

Pandarus is fairly cowardly, as he cowers and begs not to be hurt after he is defeated[2]. In Season 2, he appears less cowardly and is much more wicked, being more willing to kill his enemies and those who get in his way[3].

Pandarus's Manhattan headquarters is located in the luxurious Pandarus Towers.



  • Jonathan Freeman, who voiced Pandarus, also voiced Jafar in Aladdin, and in Season 2, he starts to act much like Jafar did in the first sequel.
  • Pandarus is believed to be a decedent of Pandora.



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