Elg, also known as “Ageless Elg” was the First Branch Chief of the Bishokukai and one of the organization's oldest members having been alive for around 200 years prior to his death. The reason for this is that he was in fact immortal, due to having fused his body with that of the legendary mythical “Horse King” Heraku. He is an antagonists from the anime and manga "Toriko".

Originally he was the only Branch Chief (and one of the few members of the Bishokukai) that was capable of entering the Gourmet World without use of a GT Robo before the organization's rise in power.

Despite his status as an immortal, he would eventually and remarkably meet his end at the hands of Tengu Buranchi, whom he held no ill will towards during his final moments.



Elg was born with a deformed face and because of this he suffered greatly for most of his life due to the abuse, insults and rejection he received from others about his appearance, which caused him much emotional grief.

Around 200 years ago, Elg acquired the body of a child Heraku and then used an unknown procedure to fuse his upper body to the neck of the Heraku, which granted him immortality. After so many years of living, he grew a disinterest to anything that didn't manage to make a permanent impression on his brain.

At an unknown point he joined the Bishokukai and began wearing bandages around his upper body to conceal his true appearance from Midora so as to not upset his boss with his actual face.

Century Soup Arc

Elg is first mentioned by Alfaro during his meeting with Midora as one the few who are capable of entering the Gourmet World without a GT Robo.</ref>

Meteor Garlic Arc

Elg made his first appearance when Ichiryuu came to the Bishokukai Main Base in the Gourmet World to meet Midora. He was part of the first line of defense along with his fellow Branch Chiefs Yuu and Jerry Boy. However none of them had the opportunity to fight as their boss ordered them to stand down. As Ichiryuu left, he managed to release a powerful level of intimidation which moved almost everyone in the room, including Elg.

Cooking Festival Arc

Elg is seen with Starjun, Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Chiyo, Limon and a few Scum Beasts as they prepare their assasult on the Cooking Festival. When the assault on the Cooking Festival begins, he targets Tengu Buranchi first and proclaims how amused the boss would be if he knew Buranchi was there. Buranchi however does not hesitate to attack Elg a moment with his Heiretsu Eleki Punch, which stuns Elg for a while. As Buranchi tells the centaur to be quiet and tell him who he was, Elg's eyes menacingly start glowing through his bandages. He is then seen standing once more and facing off against a carefree Buranchi as his bandages begin to fall.

When they fall off completely he begins to properly introduce himself, but is quickly attacked by Buranchi before he can finish. Elg then stands up once more, completely unscathed and prepares for his attack. Elg and Buranchi continue to exchange blows, with Buranchi dodging and Elg taking them head-on, but each hit leaves no impression on Elg. After lunging at Buranchi at an inhuman speed, he scolds him for not letting him finish his introduction, revealing to him his full title and that he is in fact immortal, meaning none of his opponent's attacks will work on him. He then reveals that this is due to his fusion with the body of the legendary and mythical Heraku, thus being capable of regenerating from any wound and becoming ageless and incapable of dying no matter what Buranchi tries. After the chef uses his Lightning Kitchen Knife on him, Elg regenerates and clones himself from his remains and uses his Herak Kick to knock Buranchi down and then mocks him for his weakness.

However, Buranchi stands back up and resume fighting, unleashing a series of devastating attacks and grasping the true mechanics behind Elg's cloning ability, which is the Nou-Darake Gene. He then lures his opponent into pummeling him. The Bishokukai, believing his body's electric resistance has risen almost to immunity, eagerly fullfills his expectations, beating him extremely hard. However, Buranchi readies his Ougi: ChokuRetsu Daitai Dengek and strikes all the clones. While his opponents are in pain, he explains that, due to the wounds inflicted by the Heiretsu Eleki Cutter, their own blood is lowering their electrical resistance. He finally says the attack will continually flow into Elg and his clones until they are burned to a crisp. Since they continually regenerate, the electrical current will continue to flow without end. While an enraged Elg shouts Buranchi's name in anger, the chef looks back and taunts him by declaring to not remember what he is called.

As Buranchi walks away, Elg is no longer able to regenerate himself due to his gourmet cells finally giving up. This causes his body to weaken dramatically and it also reveals that the face seen was a fake which melted away due to the electrocution, thus revealing the true form of his 200-year old self. He then proclaims that he hid his true face to avoid upsetting Midora and showed sincere disgust at his own appearance which has been ridiculed since he was a child.

Buranchi then comforts the dying opponent and tells him that his face is perfectly normal, telling that where he comes from, his village is filled with all manner of odd creatures and monsters and that Elg would've been considered a good looking fellow there and that even the Dharma Hermit would be jealous of him. Elg is then greatly moved by Buranchi's kind words, as no one had ever been so kind to him before and he expresses how stimulating his words are and prepares to memorize them so he can cherish his final moments for all eternity. Elg then happily dies as he crumbles away.

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