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Elfric is a minor villain in the live-action television series "World Without End". He is briefly married to Caris and also serves as Merthin's temporary master. Though one of the more minor villains in the show he is also one of the most evil, being a horribly abusive and sadistic individual. He is played Ian Pirie.


Elfric first appears in the series premiere seeking an apprentice. He expresses an interest in the siblings Merthin and Ralph, desiring the latter to be his apprentice. Unfortunately for him, he is given Merthin instead, who he wastes no time in abusing and mistreating.  He is later shown near the episode to have been married to Caris by her aunt. Though he is clearly happy by this union, she is not. Indeed, Elfric is shown to be a physically and verbally abusive husband who condemns his wife as a "bitch" for not being able to give him children, even outright raping her at one point.

Extremely jealous of his apprentice and not wanting him to steal his thunder, Elfric vows to keep Merthin out of the Guild at all costs, continuing to verbally abuse and belittle him and physically abusing him at least once.  When he learns that his wife tried to get Merthin work he hits her and calls her a bitch again. This act of cruelty prompts a watching Merthin to savagely beat Elfric and attempt to kill him, but Caris stops him. Merthin warns Elfric that if he hurts Caris again he will kill him. Elfric, with his pride clearly wounded as much as his body, orders both out of his house. He later shows up attempting to convince the town to let him build a new bridge, but they instead turn to his former apprentice Merthin.