The Elf Commander is the secondary antagonist of the two-part Smosh episode "A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS".

Role in Smosh series

The Elf Commander appears only in the two-part episode "A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS". During the second part, he orders the Elf Sniper no attack on Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox until they reach the Toy Factory. When the duo arrives at the Factory, the Commander ordered the Elfs kill Padilla and Hecox, but Ian vomits in the face of an Elf and makes everyone kill (except for Elf Sniper, who goes flying in an explosion). After the duo released to Santa Claus, this comes in person (he has appeared before a TV), and warns them that Claus is evil and that plans to destroy Christmas, but Santa shoots him with a shotgun in the head, killing him once and for all.