The Elevator Monster

The Elevator Monster

The Elevator Monster is a nameless, psychic humanoid being attached to a twisted teleporting elevator box that serves the Skeleton King and one of the many villains in Super Robot Monkey Team HyperForce Go!. He looks like an old man, except that his waist and below is an elevator-like protrusion instead of feet. He has the ability to transport anybody who comes into the elevator to a completely different spot. He disguised himself as an old man in an elevator, leaving many people inconspicuous.

He was kidnapping people from all over Shuggazoom and transport them to the Pit of Doom under orders from the Skeleton King where he used them as slave workers to dig the pit for some reason.

After a failed attempt to catch the Formless before his teammates did, he discovers that the citizens of Shuggazoom City have mysteriously disappeared. And a trip inside a weird elevator with no buttons and a strange old man. leaves Chiro imprisoned in a massive pit. But with the help of the Power Primate, he is able to call his team. They come to his rescue, only to be captured as well. They soon escaped this Pit of Doom and rescued all of the citizens to take them back home.


  • After the defeat of the Elevator Monster, the Skeleton King returned to the Pit of Doom that was built for one true purpose; it was meant to be the gateway between dimensions that one of the Dark Ones uses to emerge.