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The Elevator Man is one of several antagonistic characters found in the video-game adaptation of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, despite being a construct of AM the Elevator Man takes special notice as one of the most openly malicious and cruel antagonists in the game (outside the unimaginably malevolent AM).

The Elevator Man is a yellow-coat wearing maniac who torments Ellen with her past, having trapped her many years back in an Elevator and raped her to the point she developed an intense phobia of the color yellow : he would return with the aid of AM and claimed he worked willingly with AM so he could have the joy of raping and torturing Ellen for all of eternity.

Ultimately Ellen confronts the demon of her past and reduces him back to a pile of yellow rags, in the process she is cured of her phobia of yellow.

(it is worth noting that despite his claims of making a deal with AM it is most likely that the Elevator Man is instead an aspect of AM that deliberately plays on Ellen's fears, due to AM's unimaginable hatred for humanity).

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