Elena Sandoval is one of the two main antagonists in Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (the other being Kristen Richards).

She is portrayed by Sandra McCoy.


Elena is first seen when Jay Clifton (Marie's stepfather) invites her to a party that he planned for Marie. Marie, who clearly dislikes Elena, fights with her and throws her in the pool. Later on, Elena runs into Jay and presumably has sex with him, as she runs out and claims that Jay raped her. Elena goes to Marie's house and makes out with her and Chad, revealing that all three parties were in cahoots to get Jay to give up the diamonds. From then on, Elena and Marie engage in a sexual relationship. A short time afterward, Elena is captured by Kristen and Morrison and forced to convince Marie to confess to killing Chad. She fails, however, and goes with Marie to get the diamonds. While Elena flees with the diamonds, Kristen kills Marie with a gun. It is then revealed that Kristen and Elena are mother and daughter and that Elena was helping her get revenge on Jay for raping her. To add insult to injury, it turns out that Jay is Elena's biological father and that Kristen gave her up for adoption.