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Elena is a secondary antagonist in the third Coffin Joe movie, Embodiment of Evil. She is played by Spanish actress Nara Sakare.


Elena is not initially an antagonist but because she is attracted to Coffin Joe she becomes obssessed with him and she is infatuated with dark magic and profanity. Elena sees Coffin Joe having killed her aunts, and her aunts tried to protect her from Coffin Joe, but she was obssessed with him and wanted to join him before he killed them. Elena gleefully offers her body to Coffin Joe and they both have sex.

Because Elena is a gypsy psychic, her naked body becomes a portal to Purgatory through which Coffin Joe finds himself when making out with her and he sees the Mystifier, a supernatural guardian who warns him of how evil Coffin Joe is. But he fails to impress the irredeemable Coffin Joe.

When priests fight and kill Coffin Joe, Elena comes out of the night and strips for the dead Coffin Joe, and she either reanimates his body with a Voodoo spell or because he is immortal he can animate himself, and the two of them have a second romantic encounter. This impregnates Elena, and she helps Coffin Joe win in his quest for longevity.


Elena was a very lustful young woman who wanted more out of life and felt trapped with her two overprotective aunts. However, she possessed dark powers, and her body was a gateway to the spirit world, as Coffin Joe found when making love to her.

While Elena may not look it, she is one of the most important characters in the whole saga, because she is the "perfect woman" Coffin Joe sought to bear his child, who, given Joe himself is the Devil, would become the Antichrist. Thus, the lustful Elena is the mother of the future Antichrist.

Elena was a very beautiful woman with long dark hair, a slim figure, and dark skin. She was very deceptive as she pretended to her aunts she was scared of Joe when in reality she had lustfully admired him since their first encounter.


Being a gypsy medium, Elena herself was a gateway to the spirit realm. She possessed these powers:

    • psychic abilities
    • illusions
    • dark magic
    • clairvoyance, she was sought by Joe because of this power
    • beauty