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The Elements of Doom are an artificial species created by Dr. Vasily Khandruvitch and are anthropomorphic representations of the scientific Elements. The Elements of Doom are each comprised of one of the elements found on the Periodic Table and as a result are incredibly dangerous. These powerful monsters are able to fight against some of Marvel comics greatest superhero teams such as the Avengers.

Originally the Elements of Doom were mutated humans but later incarnations of the group would show that Dr. Vasily Khandruvitch could also create these monsters from pure elements. In their fist appearance they were able to take over a Russian nuclear power plant and trying to kidnap large numbers of humans. There goal was to use the humans as test subjects to create monster of all the elements found on the Periodic Table. During a battle with the Avengers the Elements decided that they would be ideal test subjects.

Ultimately after capturing a few super heroes the Elements of Doom died when the fusion generator found in the nuclear power plant, was destroyed and the rain of nuclear energy destroyed their atomic structure.

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