The Elemental Dragon is the object of what Spyro fears most; Cynder under the control of Malefor. The Elemental Dragon encounters Spyro as he goes to the White Isle.


The Chronicler exposes Spyro of his most deadly fear: the possession of Cynder. As a result, the Elemental Dragon resembles Cinder. Spyro decided not to give into fear and conquered his fears.

The Elemental Dragon fights as Cynder does in the previous game. However, it can only be injured if Spyro battles whiles equipped with the breath resembling the Elemental Dragon's current colour (yellow for electricity etc).


  • The Elemental Dragon deeply resembles Cynder.
  • It's invulnerability to 3 kinds of magic at a time might reference Spyro's fear of how he felt Cynder was too powerful to be defeated. It might also represent the confidence Spyro gained from the 4 kinds of magic he developed.