Beasts of all the elements, rise!
~ Umarak before unleashing the Elemental Beasts.

The Elemental Beasts, also known as the Shadow Horde, are the army of humanoid monsters that appear in the BIONICLE series. They are in fact the Shadow Spawn created by Umarak after the latter received the new power from his master, Karzahni and transformed into the group of powerful monsters that control various elements. The Elemental Beasts are also proved to be 


In order to distract the Toa Uniters from interfering with his quest, Umarak tells his master, Karazhni who was imprisoned in the Field of Shadows to give him the new power to defeat the Toa. Karzahni then complied and give Umarak the power that can summon the Elemental Beasts from the elements of Okoto and the Shadow Spawn. Once it was done, Umarak then ordered both the Elemental Beasts and the Shadow Traps to attack the Toa as well as Okoto.

Soon afterwards, the Elemental Beasts began their attack by destroying the village in the Region of Jungle, which prompted the Toa Uniters and the Elemental Creatures to investigate. 

Known Elemental Beasts

Lava Beasts

Lava Beast
The Lava Beasts are the members of the  Elemental Beasts. They are capable of controlling the powers of fire and lava as well as shooting fireballs from their mouths. They can also able to fly as well. Their natural tools are the Fire Crystal Wings, which can doubled as the Fire Crystal Blades for close combat.

Quake Beasts

Quake Beast
The Quake Beasts are the members of the Elemental Beasts. They also have the Earth-based powers, allowing them to create boulders and crystals as well as throwing them at their enemies. Their natural tools are the Crystal Fists, which they can used for smashing through any matters, their brute strength and their sharp claws for combat.

Storm Beasts

Storm Beast
The Storm Beasts are the members of the Elemental Beasts. They possess