The Element 4 (エルメント フォー Erumento Fō) was a team of S-Class Mages and serve as secondary antagonists to the Phantom Lord Arc of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. It was a group of elite warriors who were some of the best members of the dark guild Phantom Lord and were the main members of ther guild. The team was defeated during the guild war with Fairy Tail and eventually disbanded after the Magic Council ordered the dissolution of Phantom Lord for their actions. 


The Element 4 was a team of the S-Class Mages of Phantom Lord who were some of the best the guild had to offer. They were a group of the guild's finest warriors and they played a huge role in the war against Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail. As their name suggests, the members of the team all have control over the various elements such as water, earth, fire, and air and together they power the Abyss Break, a destructive spell capable of leveling entire towns and cities. During the war, Element 4 was sent out to capture Lucy Heartfillia and turn her into her father, but Fairy Tail found out and went after them and soon, all four members were defeated and the team was disbanded after the war ended with Phantom;s dissolution was well.

Known Members

  • Aria: The leader of the team, Aria (アリア Aria) is an S-Class Mage that controls the element of air. He has the ability of Airspace and is the  last team member to be defeated. During the Phantom Lord-Fairy Tail War, Aria was in the guild's headquarters in its robot form and fought against Erza Scarlet and was defeated by Makarov after the fall of Phantom's Guild Master Jose Porla.
  • Juvia Lockser: The water elemental Juvia Lockser (ジュビア・ロクサー Jubia Rokusā) is one of the members of the Element 4 that controls water. Her whole body is made of water so she can regenerate easily and not take any lethal injuries. She's one of the members responsible for the capture of Lucy and fought against Gray Fullbuster only to have romantic feelings develop for him and overwhelm her. She's defeated by her own feelings and eventually joins Fairy Tail and becomes a member after Element 4 is disbanded.
  • Sol: The earth elemental Sol (ソル Soru) is in control of the earth as his main ability. He's one of the members who managed to capture Lucy along with Juvia and was stationed in the Phantom Lord's Headquarters to defend it during their final battle with Fairy Tail. He faced off against Elfman only to be brutally beaten to the ground by an enraged Elfman and almost killing him.
  • Totomaru: The fire elemental of the group, Totomaru (兎兎丸 Totomaru) is the one who wields fire and is esientially the Phantom Lord version of Natsu. He's capabale of fighting against Natsu and is equal to him in terms of power. He mainly uses pyrokinesis which allows him to take control of his opponent's flame attacks and direct them at his opponent. He's later on defeated by Natsu and becomes a teacher after Phantom Lord is disbanded.