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Elekibas Dogma Kaijin
Elekibas: An octopus monster with electrical powers. He has currently set up an excavation site in Dead Man's Valley along with human Dogma lieutenant Blue Oni to search for gold which would further finance the organization and be used to construct a city of pure gold in Terror Macro's honor. Apart from the slaves they already have, he has his goons kidnap the children of Professor Shiratori, a martial arts competent archaeologist looking for the treasured El Dorado gold to blackmail him into their services (he possesses the map to the treasure). They manage to find a hidden chest but it is filled with fake gold coins by a young miner who in despair of not finding the El Dorado treasure, plants the chest and spreads false rumors about it. In a fit of rage, Erekibasu attempts to kill the family and later detonate the charges in the mine to kill Oki Kazuya before being defeated by him. His tentacles can be stretched a long distance and when flailed to the ground send a series of sparks in a line. Physical attacks are repelled by the current in his body and he can launch an electrical beam from both tentacles though they are no match for Super-1's own Electric Hand beam. He has a signature move called the Erekibasu Shock severely electrocuting his enemies while grappling them before they vaporize. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Spark Kick.