The Elegant Assassins are a duo of effeminate killers of incredible agility and precision with a proficiency for ranged weaponry. They are minor antagonists in Bandette.


The Elegant Assassins, as described by Bandette during her fight with them at the beginning of the House of the Green Mask arc, are a duo of assassins-for-hire who are tasked for unknown reasons to kill Bandette. The assassins are twins, a brother and a sister, and aside from minute differences in the structure of the face look almost exactly identical and dress in the exact same clothes- form fitting black uniforms- including an earring on their respective dominant hands. The brother is a bowman who is adept in basic acrobatics and firing arrows in rapid succession, while the sister, known as Madame Revolver, is deadly accurate with her gun, with Bandette stating "she could shoot a fly at one hundred paces... should she for some reason be angry with this hypothetical fly."


Currently The Elegant Assassins have only appeared once, at the very beginning of the House of the Green Mask story arc, attempting to kill Bandette. She circumvents their projectiles for a while and, after a very short fight with her attention half-focused on talking with her close friend Daniel over the phone, knocks their heads together and leaves them unconscious.