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Elecmon was a minor villain in both, Digimon Adventures 02 and Digimon Data Squad.


Elecmon is a Rookie Level Digimon that looks like a rabbit with red and purple reptillian skin and tail feathers.

Digimon Adventures 01

Even though Elecmon wasn't technically a villain, he immedently thought T.K., and Patamon were attacking the baby Digimon, so he attacked them. Elecmon and Patamon became bitter rival because Elecmon was talking down at them. Instead of fighting, T.K. thought that they should a tug-o-war match. Patamon won and Elecmon finally gave some respect. He later reappeared and helped the DigiDestined fight Piedmon.

Digimon Adventures 02

While the Digimon Emperor were ruling the Digital World he chased an Elecmon with a Tuskmon. He eventually caught the Elecmon and forced it to fight another Elecmon that was under the control of the Dark Ring. Cody eventually freed the Elecmon, as well as the a few Deramon, Floramon, as well as Mushroomon.

Digimon Data Squad

A wild Elecmon was running loose in the Real World after a gang leader named Boomer became he was too impatient with the traffic light changing. It ran around feeding on electricity. It eventually digivolved into BlackGarurumon, but was defeated by GeoGreymon.


  • Super Thunder Strike
  • Body Attack
  • Lightning Knife


  • Elecmon can Digivolve into Leomon, or BlackGarurumon
  • Elecmon's pre-Digimon form either; Tsunomon, or Zurumon

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