Commander Eleanor Strake is an antagonist in the Power of Five novel Oblivion, she has taken control of the police force in Britain after it was corrupted by the Old Ones.


When Britain's main cities including London were destroyed by terrorists, the police force became rogue and went into terorism themselves. Eleanor Strake could have been a police woman in the time before the terrorists. She later became captain of the police force and, later, of the whole of Great Britain.

She was summoned to a village when a woman named Keyland phoned her and said they had Jamie Tyler, a Gatekeeper, and in the village lived Jamie's friend Holly. When Keyland phoned Strake, Holly went into the booth and phoned the police, who said they'd be there soon, but Strake wanted to know Holly's name. Holly was unsure whether to give it to her. But then in his palace of Oblivion, Chaos saw what was happening and read Holly's mind, giving Strake Holly's name. Later Strake and her policemen invaded and gunned down the villagers who had sheltered Jamie, even killing Keyland who had sold Jamie out. The whole village was soon taken.

Holly and Jamie escaped and Strake followed them across England, knowing that he wasn't among the village dead, and later Strake sent three thousand policemen out across the downs towards London searching for Jamie. She was worried that she had failed the Old Ones and would be executed. Strake sent out fly soldiers (who were Old Ones) towards London and saw that Jamie was alive. Later she caught up with Jamie and Holly in the ruins of London.

Jamie was heading towards Saint Meredith's church which was a portal to wherever he wished to go in the world. He was going to Antarctica from London through the door and was being chased by a giant spider (one of the Old Ones) and police. Strake saw Jamie about to escape and followed him, about to capture him finally, but then Jamie evaded her, got in the church, and Graham Fletcher shot at Eleanor Strake, blowing half her eye open and killing her.