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Eleanor Butterbean in class

Ms. Eleanor Butterbean is Billy and Mandy's uncaring teacher.

She often takes naps in class on her desk and detests her job as a teacher. She was even bribed with apples from Sperg to allow his bullying. She doesn't care much about her students, and is only teaching to get her paycheck. She is often seen napping in the class. The lack of enthusiasm reflects on her and Goodvibes said she is paid $2 an hour. She seems to hate everything and never cares if Grim comes or a mass descruction happens.

She is somewhat selfish, as she only wants the money from teaching. In Modern Primitives, she is kidnapped by Fred Flintstone, and states she wants 2.5 children. Ms. Butterbean has once had her body taken over by Nergal due to Ms. Butterbean not being nice to Nergal Jr..

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