Evil Eleanor

Eleanor was the major villainess from Howling IV: The Original Nightmare.

She was portrayed by Lamya Derval.


Just like Marsha Quist in the first film, Eleanor served as the wicked seductress in Howling IV. She ran a crafts shop, but she was really part of a Satanic werewolf cult, which consisted of several of the citizens of Drago. Eleanor took a liking to Richard, Marie Adams' husband, and in one scene, the two are making love in her shop. Their tryst is interrupted when a wolf is shot to death by Marie, which causes Eleanor to scream in pain. Later on, Eleanor and Richard engage in another illicit encounter at her shop. However, this time, the evil Eleanor transformed into a werewolf and bit Richard on the shoulder.

At the film's climax, Eleanor appeared in half werewolf form and went after Marie, who escapes in her car. Eleanor, and the rest of the cult, perished in the church fire at film's end.