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You humbled me once, and I took that hard lesson and bettered myself. Die knowing that for all our conflict, you helped make a soldier out of a scoundrel.
~ Edward Kenway, before El Tiburón's death

El Tiburón (The Shark in English) is the mute bodyguard of Templar Grand Master, Laureano de Torres y Ayala, and an antagonist of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. He wears full body armor, and is a silent, but deadly adversary to assassin, Edward Kenway.

Claiming What's Due 6

El Tiburón incapacitating Edward


Not much is known of this large Brute's past before he became the bodyguard of Torres. When he became the Governor's Bodyguard, however, he gained a frightening reputation. One thing he enjoyed a lot was the hanging of criminals. In July of 1715, El Tiburón attended a hanging of a criminal that was also attended by the pirate, Edward Kenway, disguised as assassin turned templar, Duncan Walpole. Though the two did not meet at the execution, Edward was welcomed into the mansion of Torres. Kenway, however, seemed suspicious to El Tiburón, Therefore he kept an eye on Kenway.

The next day, El Tiburón joined the Templars as they captured the sage, Bartholomew Roberts. While escorting Roberts to Torres' mansion, the Templars were attacked by Assassins. As his duty, El Tiburón protected his fellow Templars from the assault. Later, Edward Kenway had snuck into the prison of the mansion, only for El Tiburón to finally realize that it was Edward, in the guise of Duncan Walpole. He incapacitated Edward and would have beaten, and maybe killed him, If not for Torres intervening.

In 1719, He and Torres arrived in Kingston to reunite with fellow Templars, Woodes Rogers, and new recruit, Benjamin Hornigold. Years later, with Hornigold and Roberts dead, and Rogers supposedly dead, all that was left was Torres and El Tiburón. When Edward returned to Havana, El Tiburón was tasked with using an imposter, to trick Edward into thinking he was actually Torres himself. After Edward killed the imposter, El Tiburón struck. With his armor invulnerable to Melee weapons, Edward used his pistols to penetrate and break El Tiburón's armor and ultimately weaken and kill him.

Tainted Blood 12-0

El Tiburón's death


El Tiburón is a brute, meaning he is larger and stronger than other villain types. He is covered in full body armor, that is almost impenetrable. Granted, it makes him look like a knight from previous centuries. he is larger than his fellow Templars and wields an axe, like all brutes in the game do, and a pistol.


El Tiburón Doesn't talk at any point in the game, but he is given the personality of any loyal bodyguard. He is extremely loyal to governor Torres, and is always ready to fight and execute any criminals he runs into. He enjoys hangings and is a dominant fighter.

Armorless El Tiburon - Concept Art

Concept of El Tiburón Without armor