El Seed

El Seed is a major antagonist in The Tick franchise. He is an animated sunflower who wears a green matador suit and speaks with a Spanish accent.

In the cartoon series, he is one of the most recurring villains.

He has mental control and influence over all plant-life, and dreams of erasing all human and animals from the face of the Earth so his "Plant Kindom" is supreme. He has a very low opinion, if any, of humans, constantly calling them "monkeys" and "counter-chlorophylls". El Seed has two genetically altered assistants, a beautiful pair of twins called the Bee Twins, who assist him in all of his ventures, and speak in unison.

El Seed's personality appears to be a parody of various Latin American dictators and revolutionaries including Che Guevara and Juan Peròn.

Evil Deeds

El Seed has attempted to overtake the City and destroy humanity on many occasions. His extreme hatered for humans fuels his need to recreate the planet's biosphere. His first attempt involved bringing large fields of varied crop plants to life to for a "people's" army and declare independence and dominance over the animal kingdom. El Seed's primary military units were corn stocks, though he also altered several trees, some of whome acted independently of his orders. El Seed's army was infiltrated by the Tick and Arthur, and he was overthrown and arrested, but later broken out of prison by a small band of renegade trees.

El Seed again attacked the City, and tried to demolish it with a rare plant species which only bloomed once every 1,000 years, and if it bloomed under negative conditions would grow uncontrollably and destroy everything in its wake. The Tick and Arthur managed to prevent the plant from blooming too uncontrolably by singing to it, though it did begin to expand aggressively.

El Seed has also infected the Tick with a condition that made him host to many plants which grew from his body, and also drastically impaired his already limited cognitive abilities.

El Seed has also teamed up with Chairface Chippendale and The Breadmaster to control Dinosaur Neil, presumably because all three of the villains would stand to benefit and have some of their demands met when controling the giant monster.



  • He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert.