Die, amigo!
~ El Greco

El Greco is the fifth boss from Sunset Riders. One of the three henchmen of Sir Richard Rose, he was a friend of Cormano, and now has a bounty of $50.000 over his head. The four bounty-hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano face him over a train owned by Richard Rose. They defeat El Greco, who throws his sombrero to Cormano, then falls from the train.

Unlike other bosses in the game, constantly shooting will prove useless, as El Greco will protect himself with his shield. He will jump around the train and use his whip to attack, which has a considerable range. The player must wait for an opening to shoot him, either while he is jumping or whipping.

If one of the players is controlling Cormano, he will pick up El Greco's sombrero and use it for the remainder of the game.