Die, gringo!
~ Introduction
Adios, amigo!
~ Death

El Greco is the fifth boss in Sunset Riders.


El Greco is the first henchman of Sir Richard Rose. He is also a flagitious outlaw with a bounty of $50,000. One day, El Greco is riding a train owned by Richard Rose. Bounty Hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano confront him. El Greco fights the bounty hunters but he is defeated. El Greco then falls off the train before dying.


El Greco wears a red sombrero decorated with yellow stripes. His upper body is covered in a colorful Mexican poncho. He wears a green turtleneck underneath the poncho. He also wears blue pants and red boots.


Unlike other bosses in the game, constantly shooting El Greco will be useless. He will protect himself with his shield. He will jump around the train and use his whip to attack. The player must wait for an opening to shoot El Greco either while he is jumping or whipping.


  • If one of the players is controlling Cormano, he will wear El Greco's sombrero for the remainder of the game.