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El Gigante (Resident Evil)

El Gigante

El Gigante
is a towering behemoth from the videogame Resident Evil 4. He was created from humans that were exposed to Las Plagas parasites, and through an unknown method El Gigante grew to an immense size. This granted him the power of great physical strength and brutality in order to compensate for their loss of higher reasoning.

The Plaga within the El Gigante has mutated its body into having an extreme growth spurt, increasing its size to four times its original size as a human. Their parasites were unable to maintain control their bodies, making them liable to berserking and striking down fellow Plaga hosts.

Behavior and Purpose

The purpose of El Gigante apparently serves as Ganado's heavy assault assets in dealing the highly dangerous advesaries that opposed Los Illuminados, particulary Leon S. Kennery. Unlike other Plaga-controlled B.O.W.s that capable in various tasks like recapturing escaped kidnapee or guarding various areas from intruders and only behaves like instinctive creatures had no enemy around or during the free time, El Gigante's task was quite simple: Killing any foes on sight.

While they proved to be the powerful assets, they also have some weakness of their own: Aside the plaga that controlling them popped out after sustained considerable amount of damage, these brutes' intelligence are lowered, resulting them ended up attacking their own allies on sight. Worse, El Gigantes even ended up killing an individual that needed by their master alive, which became reasons why only 4 of them created.


El Gigante were created by the Los Illuminados as one of the cult's experiments on Plaga hosts. Due to their poor control only a few were created, who were then imprisoned underground. Within the Autumn of 2004, when Leon S. Kennedy ventured through Spain, one of them was deployed into the area behind the church to stop him. Trapping Leon in a small, fenced area, the creature was released from the mine it was incarcerated in. Unfortunately for his ganado handlers, he proved to be uncontrollable and succeeded in killing them all before turning to Leon.

A second gigante was deployed, again via the mines, to stop Leon and Ashley's escape; this creature was killed by Ada Wong, instead. Another two were encountered by Leon in the mines beneath the Salazar castle.


  • Chapter 2-1: Quarry
  • Chapter 2-3: Road below the Cliff
  • Chapter 4-2: Furnace 
  • Seperate Ways Chapter 2: Quarry 


  • El Gigante, literally means "The Giant" in Spanish.
  • If Leon helps the dog that was stuck at the beginning of the game, it will come and help him fight El Gigante by distracting it from attacking him. But in Professinal Mode, the dog is useless.
  • When Leon first passes through El Gigante's enclosure (during the day), there are no trees. But when you return to the enclosure at night, three trees spawn in the enclosure that El Gigante will use during the fight with Leon.
  • It also appears as if El Gigante's enclosure is much smaller in the day light hours than it is at night.
  • The three huts inside of El Gigante's enclosure contain items both before and during the fight. Should the huts be destroyed during the fight, all items within them are destroyed.
  • If, during the fight against the pair of Gigantes, you stand close to the hole in the floor after dropping one of them, it will rise up and drag Leon into the molten metal, killing him instantly. It normally happens after he goes under and it looks safe. Don't go near the hole until it closes.
  • The sounds coming from the mines inside the first El Gigante's enclosure are actually the roars of a lion.
  • El Gigante resembles the Cave Trolls from Peter Jackson's rendition of The Lord of The Rings.
  • The Ndesu from Resident Evil 5 is essentially identical to El Gigante, in regards to appearance and attack patterns, although Ndesu is a larger creature, wears dead humans as trophies on its primitive belt, contains more than one parasite in its body, and sports a beard.
  • In some versions of the game, if you hit El Gigante with the Rocket Launcher as he grabs you, when he dies you will also despawn, making you unable to do anything.
  • The first El Gigante that you fight on your way back to the church from the waterfall has an incredibly reduced amount of health compared to the others, even considering being the first, capable of being dispatched with about 25 well aimed Exclusive TMP bullets.
  • The El Gigante that Ada fights in Seperate Ways can be killed with less than 2 magazines from the Blacktail to El Gigante's face (provided you knife the Plaga that comes out of its back when it's stunned).
  • You CAN shoot the exposed plaga with any firearm instead of climbing on top of him and slashing it, but it will still retract it back into its body. (A well aimed shot from a rocket-launcher, fully-upgraded handcannon, or three mine dart shots in rapid succession will kill it instantly).
  • It is impossible to kill the twin El Gigantes by dropping them both in the lava pit; if you manage to lure them both onto the grate and release the switch, the second one will simply float there and the switch will break.
  • If you kill one of them via the lava pit, you forfeit his money reward. However, there is a glitch in the GameCube versions of the game where if you leave and re-renter, the money will be sitting at the edge of the grate.
  • Notice how every El Gigante Leon fights, there is a way to make the fight easier. For example: the first El Gigante is much easier if you help the dog. The second El Gigante you can shoot the boulders to reduce his health and save ammo. The last two El Gigantes, you can instantly kill one of them by burning him alive in lava.
  • During the early stages of development of Resident Evil 5, at one point, Tricell was planned to release 10-15 El Gigantes into the African town. The Art of Resident Evil 5 contains rough concept art of this scrapped invasion.
  • The Ada vs. El Gigante battle can be skipped by simply ignoring him and going to the door directly.
  • In the Mobile Edition, Leon cannot knife the plaga in his back.But he can dispatch him in 3-4 shots from the Rifle (semi-auto).
  • El Gigante is very similar to Debilitas from another CAPCOM game called Haunting Ground. They are both big enemies that can crush your characters. Coincidentally, both players will be helped by a white dog.
  • The Resident Evil 6 trailer features a creature which bears resemblance to El Gigante.

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