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El Chupacabre, or 'Chuy' for short, is a former villain from the romance webcomic Girly.


He was a man that had a ponytail, a long, slender mustache, and he also wore a cape that flowed in the wind. He had a certain aura that shrouded him, and almost all the women in Cute Town couldn't resist him. Because of this, he made it his goal to make all the women in the town satisfied. Everywhere he went, there were trails of nude women with looks of satisfaction on their faces. It was shown that Winter resisted him because of her love for Otra, and Chupacabre is taught about how sex would be dangerous in a relationship that is already in existence. He then met Autumn over the Internet, and they were engaged in comic #508. Though, they later divorced in comic #736. They remained good friends, however. His brothers then learned about his defeat in Cute Town, and swore vengeance.

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