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Give us the human; we don't want the human!
~ Ekidna, rioting with the Greek mythical creatures in order to kill Elisa Maza.
Gargoyles Echidna

Ekidna angry about why humans are dangerous.

Ekidna is a female New Olympian who has hatred of humans in New Olympus. She is from the animated series "Gargoyles" and a minor antagonist of the episode "New Olympians".


New Olympians

In the Senate House, Goliath says that Elisa Maza is not guilty of any crime. Due to the hatred in the population, Ekidna yelled out that she and all humans are very guilty and dangerous to the races. She and the other New Olympians also started to attack Goliath and Elisa outside. Angela lunged at her when yelling "Treacherous human!". Later on, Ekidna and the other Greek monsters are seen rioting outside Elisa's prison cell. Taurus yelled at the rioters to start moving away or they will get locked up in the prison. Taurus says that she and the other rioters should pick it up with Boreas if having problems.


Ekidna's appearance is based on the Greek monster, Medusa. She is a gorgon with a rattlesnake coil wearing yellow sleeves with blue stripes. She also wears a purple top.

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