Vampire Eileen Townsend
Eileen Townsend is an international banking executive and the mother of Christopher and Max Townsend, the protagonists from Dracula:  The Series. She only appeared in two episodes of the short-lived series, "Children of the Night" (the pilot) and "Damsel in Distress." After her brief appearance in the pilot, Eileen appeared as a villainess in "Damsel in Distress."

She was played by Lynne Cormack.

It was in the pilot episode, "Childen of the Night," that Eileen Townsend arrived in Europe with her two sons, Christopher and Max. While there, Eileen meets multi-billionaire Alexander Lucard at an embassy reception, but Chris and Max later learn the truth about Lucard:  he is really Count Dracula, now running a multi-billion dollar business.

Eileen wouldn't learn about Lucard's dark secret until the series' eighth episode, "Damsel in Distress," where she is having a dinner meeting with Lucard at his castle. Chris and Max, along with their uncle, famed vampire hunter Gustav Helsing, attempt to warn Eileen, but Gustav is captured, leaving the boys on their own. They arrive at the castle to warn Eileen when Lucard suddenly appears. The boys wield their crosses at Lucard, but at that moment, Eileen turned heel and revealed that she has become a vampiress, while knocking the crosses from her sons' possession. After Chris and Max escape, Eileen laughed evilly and danced with Lucard.

Later in the episode, the evil Eileen taunted Gustav down in a dungeon where Lucard held him captive, stating that she loved being a vampire and she adores Lucard. Lucard and Eileen are confronted by the boys, Gustav, and Sophie at the climax, where Lucard orders Eileen to turn Max. However, Eileen's motherly love for Max overcomes her dark side, and she hugs her son before fainting and later being freed from the vampire curse.


  • "Children of the Night"
  • "Damsel in Distress"