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Eight Feet Tall is a Japanese demon that takes the form of an impossibly tall female specter often said to have a deep, masculine voice and a habit of preying on children.

Eight Feet Tall can vary from a withered hag (akin to a Beldam) or an attractive woman, yet is always inhuman in terms of height.

Eight Feet Tall attacks children and does not bother with adult prey, this is said to be due to the fact children are still dependent on older family members, which Eight Feet Tall can mimic in order to lure her victims away.

Eight Feet Tall appears to be very similar to numerous other Japanese demons in the fact she dresses in white, usually has long black hair and is always female - this may have something to do with ancient Japanese folklore having female ghosts that often sought revenge on the living or grew malicious after death (this same legends inspired fictional monsters like the girl from The Ring or the Grudge).

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