Pray, for a peaceful death of yourself.
~ Eifer Skute

Eifer Skute (SK002 Zwei) is an antagonist from Rosenkreuzstilette, who acts as a member of the Schwarzkreuz. She has a strong relationship with Freudia Neuwahl, who is the main protagonist of Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel. Ultimately, in truth, she hides parts of a much darker secret that aren't revealed until later in the game.

She is voiced by Raika Sou, similarly to Freu herself.

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Appearance Edit

Eifer's appearance is that of a young girl dressed in heavy blue winter clothing with red insides and a cross on the front of her coat.

She wears a blue hat with a pompom as well as a gingham patterned scarf with pompoms on the ends of her scarf, and mittens on her hands, and her legs appear to be completely undressed, save for the blue shoes that she wears.

She has long, pale yellow hair and light blue cat-like eyes. Later, she reveals that her real hair and eye colors allude to Freu's hair and eye colors; her hair is white and her eyes are red. She also has an ahoge in her hair, just like Freu.

Personality Edit

Eifer has chronic hypothermia and therefore always dresses in heavy clothes. She appears to be cool-headed and mature despite her young appearance, but nevertheless, her emotions and mood actually violently fluctuate, making her sometimes act out of character. Eifer seems to be strongly emotional towards Freu herself.



  • Eifer's name is the German word for "eagerness", "zeal", or "fever".
  • Eifer's designer, zaku6, also created a mature-rated manga doujinshi called Fukurou no Youni - Himawari, which debuted at Summer Comiket 76 on September 2009.
  • Her hair color varies between zaku6's and WOMI's artwork. In WOMI's artwork, her hair color is pale blonde while zaku6's artwork portrays it as white, just like her real hair color in WOMI's artwork when she reveals her true hair and eye colors. The combo of her white hair and blue eyes is never shown in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.
  • Eifer is the only boss that is fought thrice during the course of Freudenstachel. She first appears as a boss in the Opening Stage, then in her own stage, and finally in Iris Stage 2.
  • Her design greatly resembles that of Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/stay night while wearing her winter clothes.