Ehrthold was a demon from Marvel comics and an enemy of Man-Thing.


Summoned to apartment 6G in an unidentified apartment building on 345 Clinton Street in Atlanta, Georgia by the "Cult of 6G," Ehrthold was pleased to see that both an infant sacrifice (Allen Calex) and a human bride (Margaret) were properly prepared for him. Ehrthold instructed the sacrifice to commence, but the violent emotions present summoned the nearby Man-Thing. Ehrthold departed the brazier to confront the Man-Thing, taking his mystic protection with him, and leaving his would-be bride to burn in the brazier's flames. Margaret fell from the brazier, dropping Allen, and the Man-Thing caught him, but then Ehrthold spiraled around the two, smothering the Man-Thing's empathic nature and choking Allen with his fumes. Enraged that Ehrthold had left her to burn, Margaret—her own flames having been put out—ordered the others to douse the brazier, but Ehrthold heard this and strangled the first cultist who tried to do so. The dazed Man-Thing then stumbled into the brazier, overturning it and knocking its coals upon the carpet. Ehrthold's evil was spread too thin, lost amid the smoke of the burning rug, and he vanished, screaming.

Man-Thing saved young Allen, while Margaret and the rest of the cult apparently perished in the fire.