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Egghead is a fictional mad scientist and a supervillain who became an enemy of the Marvel superhero known as Ant-
Egghead Marvel
Man and he was also the leader of the second Emissaries of Evil and the third Masters of Evil.

Elihas Starr was a government scientist who was caught and jailed after smuggling blueprints out of work, presumably to sell on the black market. The media dubbed him "Egghead," and he was soon contacted and freed by a high placed crime lord, who gave him the charge of proving his worth by defeating the original Ant-Man. Egghead has no superhuman powers. He relies on his hi-tech devices as weapons, such as Insect Control Devices, Orbiting Laser Satellites, Mind Control devices, and Robots. While not possessing superhuman knowledge, Egghead was knowledgeable in Robotics, Electronics, and Nuclear Physics.


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