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The Egg Witch (Huevo Brujo in Spanish) is a desert shaman and the main antagonist of the 2009 animated Mexican film, Another Egg and a Chicken Movie.

He was voiced by the Mexican voice actor, Dario T. Pie.


The Egg Witch is an egg-shaped stone who masters all the magic from pre-Hispanic Mexico. In the movie, he captures a chicken named Toto for it needs its heart to cast a spell. He is fraudulent, manipulative, ambitious, grumpy, cruel, and lonely, so he doesn't like dealing with people.


The Egg Witch is malevolent because it feeds on the negative energy of people, because it is used as a healing talisman by the warlock desert, is the head of a band of Buzzards Eggs and other as ostrichs, so who they fear and respect for their dangerous powers, whenever the sorcerer egg needs of an object to use for their spells, eggs buzzard are responsible for collecting them, while Ostrich Eggs are well as his bodyguards, in the story of the movie wanted the heart of toto to also feel like a living being with emotions, is hired murderers Eggs Scorpions, who would be responsible to catch Toto, also is a proven he can revive the eggs were shredded, turning them into zombies.



  • It is based on the mexican sorcerers of Catemaco culture, because their appearance has certain similarities with masks and other accessories used in their rituals.
  • Throughout the franchise of films produced by company Huevocartoon, it is considered the most powerful villain of the saga, because of its unlimited powers.
    • However, the Egg Witch is more vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, so in the third film the Bakivoide is considered most powerfull, because of its huge size and incredible strength.
  • It is the only main villain to die in the movies from Huevocartoon, because this was devoured by Cuache  in post credits of the movie.
  • Is one of the characters is part of the fan-fictions of the deviantart user, adriana4ever.

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