The Egg Emperor

The Egg Emperor

I'll show you what real evil is!
~ Dr. Eggman while in the Egg Emperor.

The Egg Emperor is a giant robot that was created by Dr. Eggman, as serves as the "Final Boss" in the video game; Sonic Heroes. All four teams (Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix) encounter this giant robot before encountering the true antagonist behind the events of this game.


As the four teams managed to reach the end of the Egg Fleet, they all eventually encounter Dr. Eggman at different times. Becoming irritated by them, Eggman unleashed his Egg Emperor to do battle. The Egg Emperor attacks by generating energy slashes from it's lance, both vertically and horizontally about four times. If the team gets too far from the Egg Emperor, the giant robot will charge towards them. Eventually, both the Egg Emperor and the team will reach a large circular platform, where the Emperor will be stationary in the center.

The Team has to attack the core on the Egg Emperor's chest, while at the same time avoiding all of the Emperor's attacks, as well as the other enemies on the platform. The Egg Emperor also has a shield that he uses to protect his weakspot, but if the shield receives too much damage, the Emperor can't use the shield.

Eventually, the Egg Emperor will leave the platform, and continue to perform the same vertical and horizontal energy slashes, and attempt to ram into the team if there's distance between, until them reach another platform. Eventually the Teams managed to deal enough damage to destroy the Egg Emperor.



  • In Sonic X, the Egg Fort II transforms into the Egg Emperor called the "Eggsterminator" in the 4Kids dub. The reason the name was changed was likely to avoid confusion with the Egg Emperor of Sonic Heroes.
  • Hitting the weak spot on Egg Emperor with Thunder Shoot without stopping is the best way to get an A rank because it will stop him from moving and damage him.
  • The Egg Emperor bears a lot of resemblance to Metal Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.
  • In the cutscene before you battle the Egg Emperor, Eggman says everyone's name in a order. He first says the speed type, then the flight type and then the power type.
  • This is the boss of the Modern Era in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.
  • In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, Eggman is the pilot of the Egg Emperor, unlike how Neo Metal Sonic was in Sonic Heroes.
  • Silver's Psychic Knife is similar to the Egg Emperor's lance slashes.
  • In Sonic Heroes, Egg Emperor is colored a dark bronze, but in Sonic Generations, Egg Emperor is a lighter shade of gold.
  • This is Eggman's one of two robots that is named after a ruling figure. The other is the Egg King from Sonic Rush.