Egg-Shaped Apostle was once a deformed outcast from society who watched over the city of St. Albion and was extremely curious about the humans who beat him and created their own hell.


A deformed human who has no name or no knowledge of who he is, Nobody lived away from civilization. His first memory was being inside a garbage box, and survived by eating garbage, which is also where he obtains a Behelit. Throughout his life, no-one knew of his existence until he appeared in front of others. People threatened him and threw rocks, forcing Nobody to dig a deep hole in which he resides. Eventually a body came down to Nobody's house, and soon numerous had fallen in, piling up on him. At that time, the God Hand was summoned, allowing Nobody to realize the world he lived in. Nobody decided to sacrifice his own world, and become an egg for a savior to cleanse it to perfection.

During the Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, the Egg-Shaped Apostle came across Guts' deformed Child, who was nearly dead due it using most of its power to save Casca. Knowing they both would die soon, the Egg-Shaped Apostle swallowed the baby, saying: "You can have a nice dream inside of my world."

Soon after most people were consumed, the Egg-Shaped Apostle died, reforming the baby and giving birth to Griffith's new body.