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The Egg of the Perfect World (完璧な世界の卵) was once a deformed outcast from society who became an apostle and watched over the city of St. Albion. He is the secondary antagonist of Conviction Arc. He and was extremely curious about the humans who beat him and created their own hell.


Japanese English
Hiroyuki Yoshino Derek Stephen Prince


A deformed human who has no name or no knowledge of who he is, Nobody lived away from civilization. His first memory was being inside a garbage box, and survived by eating garbage, which is also where he obtains a Behelit. Throughout his life, no-one knew of his existence until he appeared in front of others. People threatened him and threw rocks upon seeing him, forcing Nobody to dig a deep hole in which he resides. Eventually a body (a plague victim) came down to Nobody's house, and soon more bodies continuously had fallen in, piling up on and smothering him. At that time, the God Hand was summoned, allowing Nobody to realize the world he lived in. Nobody decided to sacrifice his own world, and become an egg for a savior to cleanse it to perfection.

The Egg then begins to observe the people of Albion. From time to time he killed refugees from Midland settling in Albion, flaying their skins and displaying them as a forthcoming end of the world, terrorizing people of Albion. He first transforming the leader of the heretics, Great Goat, Mozgus and his disciples into Pseudo-Apostle. In his view he was merely giving powers to those who desired of it.

During the Incarnation Ceremony at Albion, The Egg kidnapped Luca and took her to his underground sanctuary and home where the Egg had created a symbol of Hawk of light, made from skins of his flayed victims. The Egg then told her of his life and how he had been observing people around Luca, including Nina. Egg then encountered Skull Knight, who pursued the Apostle to his underground home. Egg attempted to fight the knight but the knight effortlessly wounded him (but failed to kill him). When asked by Luca why did he tell her all his life's story, The Egg told her that he wanted to tell someone that he existed in this life before he and the world as he knew it would come to an end as he fled. The Egg briefly wondered that if he was discovered by Mozgus and became his disciple would his life have been different. Wounded and dying, the Egg-Shaped Apostle came across Guts' deformed Child, who was nearly dead due it using most of its power to save Casca. Knowing they both would die soon, the Egg-Shaped Apostle swallowed the baby, saying: "You can have a nice dream inside of my world."

Soon after most people were consumed in the Invocation of Doom ritual on a massive scale, the Egg-Shaped Apostle died, reforming the baby and giving birth to Griffith's new body. It should be noted that when Behelit activates, it cries with anguished expression. Egg-Shaped World cried and died with happy smile on his face.

Understanding that the Egg suffered greatly in life, Luca bundled up flowers and releases them into the air to make her final respects to the Egg, along with those who died during the Invocation of Doom.



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