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is a warren that appeared in both books of Watership Down. It was founded by the power hungry and aggressive General Woundwort and built around the crossing point of two green bridle paths, one of which was tunnel-like, bordered on both sides by brush. Woundwort used his tireless zeal and fear to win the loyalty and control of his followers. Allowing no rabbit to leave, he had to form a strict system as the warren grew. Because he was advised by his Council (another tool to keep Efrafa under strict control) to keep the warren well hidden and small, but would not allow any of the rabbits who lived there to leave, Efrafa soon became overcrowded. Woundwort was also advised to keep separate runs and burrows, none leading to the other, to avoid widespread infection if ever the White Blindness were to afflict the warren. 

Known Efrafa members

  • Campion (formerly)