Edzilla captures Nazz

Edzilla is Ed's alter-ego in the Ed, Edd n' Eddy episode "The Day the Ed Stood Still". As a result of being encouraged to act like a monster, Ed gets a little too into the role.


Double D dresses Ed as a monster in an attempt to attract customers to Eddy's arcade scam. Unfortunately, Ed's massive and overactive B-movie-nourished imagination directs him to take the role too seriously. Throughout the episode, he rampages and kidnaps several of the residents of the Cul-De-Sac, only briefly diverted when Double D throws one of Rolf's chickens for him to chase. Double D tries to help the remaining residents hold up in a tree house, but Rolf and Nazz are caught and taken away, seemingly eaten.

Ultimately, it is discovered that he keeps them imprisoned against the walls of his room using regurgitated Chunky Puffs cereal as a seal. However, his rampage is cut short when Sarah unmasks him. The Eds then flee, fearing retribution from the still-stuck residents.


While as Edzilla, Ed behaves much like the typical monster with hunting down and kidnapping (as opposed to eating) victims. He is surprisingly formiddable in this state, especially considering the sheer size of the costume and Ed's imagination.