Edward and Genevieve Teague were in the Veritas, a group dedicated to locating the Traveler. Edward and his wife tried to locate the Stones of Power since they believed it held information on the Traveler and the rest of the Veritas group were unsure whether to trust them or not. Edward cut his son Jason off later after he refused to study law and become a lawyer like him.

After his wife and son died, Edward went to Montreal, Canada, and became a priest at the St. Christopher's Cathedral. After years of waiting, Edward learned that Clark Kent was the Traveler and started to carefully study him. Edward felt Clark was weak and should be destroyed before he could be used by Lex Luthor for personal gain and subdued Clark with a piece of kryptonite hidden in his cane. Edward formed a Kryptonian ritual that was meant to sacrifice a warrior and carved the Mark of El on Clark's chest. Edward later had to fight Lex Luthor after he found the missing piece of the Orb in a clock.

Edward fled to South America since he was resentful over what he did to Clark and for failing to keep the Orb's missing piece from landing into the hands of Lex Luthor. Brainiac, posing a Kara, attacked Edward and forced him to talk about where the Orb was. Brainiac then left Edward to die after getting the information he needed from him.


-In an alternate universe, he and his family were killed by Clark Luthor.