Edward Roger Carney, more commonly known as Mr. Carney and Edward R. Carney, is the main antagonist of Mr. Meaty. He is Josh and Parker's boss and Mr. Wink's boss.

Biography and Personality

Mr. Carney was a greedy, evil and grouchy old man, who was frozen in the freezer until Josh and Parker found him and thawed him out. Then, he was back to owning the Mr. Meaty empire and bossing his employees around

Back in 1904, Mr. Edward R. Carney started the Mr. Meaty food sales chain with his renowned pork rib recipe. He did so well he decided to cryogenically freeze himself, only to be unfrozen in the future to carry on the Mr. Meaty world domination. Now he's back and on a micro-managing rampage. Although he's not much more than a blue corpse in a wheelchair, 102 years on ice haven't squelched his lustful greed to make Mr. Meaty the dominant food source on the planet by any means necessary.

He will not rest until every man, woman, and child has had a Mr. Meaty meal 5 times a day (like that'll ever happen).

He often traveled in a high-tech wheelchair (even though he was not handicapped, and was able to walk), which he used to send an electric charge to the chip on the back of Mr. Wink's head.

In the episode, "Original Sin," Mr. Carney fired Wink. When he wanted Wink back, he made him work for him by pulling out the contract that Wink's great-great-great grandfather signed, then he placed a micro chip on the back of his head, which shocked him when Wink did something that Mr. Carney doesn't like.

Mr. Carney's final appearance was in the special "Big Greasy Musical", where he played the villain who kidnapped Princess Brittany. In the end, he was defeated by both Josh and Brittany by being sung to.


  • Bill Flynn was rumored to voice Mr. Carney in the series.
  • His appearance as a parody of Colonel Sanders.
  • Despite being the main antagonist in the series, Mr. Carney was actually a supporting antagonist, as he has never appeared in the rest of the episodes, and most other characters on the show played very minor roles.
  • In the episode "Big Greasy Musical", Mr. Carney was featured as the primary antagonist; plus, he had his own henchmen, which were two skeletons in top hats.