When they see me slaughter the crew of The Good Fortune. When they see me cut out a man's tongue for lying. When they see me burn a boy alive in front of his father. There's no lie there. There's no remorse. I simply don't have it in me.
~ Edward Low to Eleanor Guthrie
Edward "Ned" Low is a minor antagonist in Black Sails, appearing as an antagonist at the beginning of the second season. He is an English pirate captain, and captain of The Fancy.

He is portrayed by Tadgh Murphy.


Low makes his first appearance attacking a ship, The Good Fortune. The crew peacefully surrenders, but Low, upon discovering a valuable hostage in the form of Abigail Ashe, has the crew massacred to leave no witnesses. He personally executes the captain as he pleads for mercy. Low then has the ship set ablaze before setting off for Nassau. It was later revealed that Max had given Low the lead to The Good Fortune in exchange for 90 gold pieces.

Arriving in Nassau, Low has his quartermaster, Mr. Meeks, bargain with the head of business, Eleanor Guthrie, demanding that he receive full price for the captured cargo. When Eleanor refuses, Low himself confronts her, attempting to intimidate her, telling her how he is a good captain, not because he is smart or a good sailor, but because he is remorseless and feared. Eleanor demands that Low leave afterwards. Some time afterwards, Meeks pointed out to Low that it would be more favorable to endear themselves to Eleanor.

Low soon realized that Meeks intended to ally himself with Eleanor, and retaliated by attacking him in the bar and decapitating him. When Eleanor's bodyguard, O'Malley, attempted to force Low to leave, he too was killed when Low gutted him and stabbed him through the neck.

Low later confonted Charles Vane, telling him to stay out of the fued between Low and Eleanor. Vane agrees, and Low rewarded him with a tribute of ten percent of his crew's last profits. However, Vane, who harbored feelings for Eleanor, decided to deal with Low personally. Arriving at Low's ship, Vane offered a partnership with him. Low, however, revealed he knew of Vane's feelings for Eleanor, and demanded that Vane leave. When Vane refused, Low engaged him in a swordfight, while Vane's crew killed Low's. Vane ultimately defeated Low, and severed his head. He then placed Low's head upon a stake with a sign that read "I angered Charles Vane".