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Hello, Frank, that was Victoria, wasn't it? Telling you that I was some sort of a monster who once wanted to destroy the Soviet Empire.
~ Dr. Edward Bailey, revealing his true intentions.

Dr. Edward Bailey is the main antagonist in the 2013 movie RED 2.

He was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins who also portrayed Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Robert Ford.

In The Movie


Bailey is a highly intelligent physicist who designed a bomb during the Cold War era for a secret operation codenamed Nightshade. The operation involved smuggling a nuclear weapon into Russia piece by piece.

Frank Moses was the head of Bailey's security team who was tasked with smuggling Bailey out of the USSR, however he was supposedly killed by a car bomb by the Soviets. Bailey was however still alive as the British government merely faked his death and sent him to an asylum for the criminally insane and held there for thirty-two years and heard his wife and his son died.

Meeting Frank Moses and Victoria and Reveal

Frank Moses and Victoria Winslow gain entry to the asylum to question Bailey about the bomb, and though he is unhelpful at first, mostly due to the drugs administered by the doctors dulling his short-term memory, Bailey does reveal that the Red Mercury is still in Moscow.

Bailey then accompanies the pair and after retrieving the bomb from within the Kremlin, Frank learns that Bailey had actually been imprisoned not because he built the bomb, but because he had wanted to detonate it to destroy the Soviet Union. 

Bailey ends up shooting Katya (who had once had a relationship with Frank), and frames him for her murder before departing. As Bailey escapes to the Iranian embassy in London, Frank convinces top contract killer Han Cho-Bai to help him stop Bailey and retrieve the bomb from him.


Later, Bailey sets off the bomb timer and kidnaps Frank's girlfriend Sarah Moses before travelling to an airport to escape the explosion.

Frank and his companions follow and Frank manages to save Sarah, but Bailey forces him to take the bomb with him before departing in a private plane. Unbeknownst to him, Frank had managed to sneak the bomb on board the plane before disembarking, and as Bailey is flying away, he hears the bomb beeping in a hidden compartment. Accepting his fate and musing to himself that he "didn't see that one coming", the bomb explodes and kills him.


At first, Bailey seemed to be a really kind, lovely and joyful individual who would like to aid anyone as well as Frank in his things which he wishes to do. In addition to this feature, Bailey's most known and most popular feature in his personality is his own genius and extreme intelligence as well as his extensive knowledge about toxics, the Nightshade, and more.

But, his kind and joyful look was all just a cover for his true colors. Bailey is actually an extremely ruthless, cold, dark, manipulative, egotistical, selfish, arrogant, psychotic, sadistic and megalomaniacal individual from probably the most diabolical kind. He was an egotistical and cruel megalomaniac who sought to wage World War III via the bomb with destroying the entire Soviet Union, and thus to possibly change the world's balance.

In addition to his chaotic and evil personality, Bailey had shown no remorse or mercy upon his actions, and even less cared about the future destruction that his plan might will do. He is also a sadist; for example, when he was on the airplane after being captured by Jack Horton and his men, he had used his toxic which he himself developed to escape, and when Horton and his men were affected by the deadly toxic, Bailey shown no remorse towards their pain and the suffering that they felt, instead he actually seemed to be enjoying doing it.

More than that, he was an egotistical narcissist, following the reason that all that he loved in his life was his genius, but his personal hobby was antagonizing and manipulating Frank as well as abusing people for fun.




  • The legendary Anthony Hopkins portrayed another scientist in cinema; the murderous mastermind Hannibal Lecter.
  • The film was released in 2013, and Thor: The Dark World was also released on that same year, starring Hopkins himself.
  • Despite not being a father of the characters in the film, Bailey was similar to the MCU villain Ego:
    • Both Bailey and Ego were psychopathic egotists.
    • Both Bailey and Ego were genius intellectuals and were narcissists.
    • Both of them had different but yet possibly same goals; Ego sought to conquer the universe for himself and to cleanse it from life, while Bailey sought to wage WWIII for possibly changing the world's balance.
    • Both of them were Master Manipulators.
    • However, unlike Bailey, Ego is Pure Evil.