Edu is a minor villain from Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad). He was portrayed by Paulo Vilela.

Edu was a rich boy, born in a wealthy family, who always had access to the finest of the finest. Studying in one of the best universities of Rio de Janeiro, he actively criticized the police of Rio for their unnecessary use of violence. However, Edu was a drug addict, involved with the drugs dealer Baiano, selling his drugs inside the university.

In the university he meets Mathias, a police officer who also wanted to become a lawyer. Not revealing he was from the police, Mathias studied along Edu, knowing he was a drugs addict, but he never did anything at that time because he still didn't know if he wanted to be a policeman. After a incident in the slum, where Mathias and his friend Neto got caught in the middle of a shootout, they are saved by the BOPE and Captain Nascimento. Neto is impressed, and convinces Mathias to join the BOPE training. Baiano eventually discovers that Mathias is from the police, and threatens his friends. Mathias, now a BOPE officer, presses Edu and threatens him, demanding him to arrange a meeting with a kid on the slums, whom he wanted to give a pair of glasses. Edu tells everything to Baiano, who arranges a ambush. However, it was Neto who went to the meeting, getting killed. Baiano discovers that Neto was a member of BOPE, making him become panicked. Mathias, enraged, enters a parade against violence and grabs Edu, beating him up badly and leaving him bleeding in the middle of the street, while swearing at everyone, telling them they were drug addicts just like Edu. Edu is not seen again for the rest of the movie.