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Edric in the movie.

Edric was a third class navigator of the Spacing Guild from the Dune universe.

Originally a human who entered the Spacing Guild school, Edric loaded up on the spice melange to the point where his body mutated, with a huge head and elongated extremities. He spent all of his time in a tank that was filled with liquid spice.

In 10,191 Edric was sent to the planet Kaitian to speak to Shaddam IV about the guild's concerns of a potential threat to spice production. In that meeting Shaddam revealed his working with Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in a plot to eliminate the popular and decent Atreides House. Edric stated that they saw only one complication, and that in order for the plot to succeed Shaddam and his conspirators needed to ensure that Paul Atreides was killed.

Edric then left warning the Emperor to deny that he had even been on Kaitain.

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