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Edonian Liberation Army Insignia

The Edonian Liberation Army was an evil organization in Resident Evil 6.

It was a political organization and military army which opposed to the demonstratic Government on Edonia, a Country in Eastern Europe. 

They began a Civil War in 2010 and then 2 years later, an unknown party provided the Edonian Liberation Army with the samples of the C-Virus. Thus began the first known appearence as J'avo and the event that provoked involvement and intervention of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Several Soldiers were infected by the C-Virus, transforming into the J'avo, and began attacking both Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.

Carla Radames also offered the army an Ogroman, the Commanding Officer was informed the monster had some errors and he didn't want delay and demaned for the B.O.W. BSAA Alpha Team managed to fight and defeat the Ogroman deployed under the army's command to eliminate the BSA Agents. 

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