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is a minor character in Bully and a rather stereotypical example of a school lunch lady, like many members of staff she is also a minor villain - though never poses a threat to Jimmy Hopkins: from their first encounter Edna shows herself to be a disgusting and unlikeable woman, violating several health and safety laws whilst deliberately coughing/spitting into the food of students and smoking.

This, of course, is not enough to qualify her as a villain, despite its obvious hazards to the student bodies well-being, her role as a minor villain does not occur until she has Jimmy help her to arrange a "date" with Mr. Watts: the school chemistry teacher.

Edna has Jimmy collect several items, including a sedative, which she uses on the unfortunate Mr. Watts - although played as black comedy it is heavily implied Edna date-rapes Mr. Watts and has Jimmy aid her (though Jimmy was really only in the scheme for the money (as he often shifted between Chaotic Good to just plain Neutral).

Ultimately Edna gets away with this and continues to work at the school alongside many other equally corrupt staff, during the mission she also offered to "do worse" than spit in Mr. Hattrck's food for Jimmy as a reward: showing not even adults are safe from her when the mood suits her.