This is a license to print money!
~ Edmond Delhurst

Professor Edmond Delhurst was a secondary antagonist in the horror film Gnaw: Food of the Gods II, played by Colin Fox.


Delhurst was a rival scientist of Professor Neil Hamilton. Although he was an oncologist, Delhurst instead used his research find a cure for baldness, as both he and his assistant Brett were balding and Delhurst himself wore a toupee. In their efforts, they would intentionally give animals massive doses of radiation so that they'd lose their fur. Then he and Brett would try out their experimental hair growth formulas. The problem, as Brett pointed out, was that they gave the animals too much radiation; not only did their fur fall out but they developed massive tumors as a result.

Delhurst showed an utter lack of compassion or concern for the many animals he killed in his work, although he claimed publicly to the animal rights activists led by Mark Hales he was just trying to cure cancer.

After Mark's activist group smashed his lab, Delhurst became covetous of Hamilton's mysterious growth formula. In the meantime, giant rats accidentally created using the growth formula terrorized the university, killing several people, including Brett. Delhurst didn't care about Brett, only about getting his hands on Hamilton's work.

Following Hamilton's dismissal from the university, Delhurst helped himself to his rival's supply of the formula and experimented with it. He was confident that he could use it to get rich by curing baldness. He needed to test it out on hairless skin, though, so he took some skin samples from the furless portion of a dog he kept in his lab. The only problem was that in addition to being hairless, the skin was also highly cancerous.

It was his hope that the formula would stimulate hair growth on hairless skin. He combined the dog's cancer-ridden skin cells with the growth formula to examine under a microscope.

Delhurst dies

Delhurst's death by turning into dog cancer.

Delhurst cut his finger on the microscope slide, getting the mixture of cancer cells and growth formula into his bloodstream. He thereafter died a slow gruesome death by mutating into a puddle of dog cancer.