Edifice Rex is an extremely powerful ascended human from Marvel comics who, for reasons completely unknown, was transformed into a colossal cosmic entity with powers on a par with entities such as Eternity itself.

While a comedy-centric antagonist Edifice Rex would prove to be a threat that made many of Marvel's cosmic entities extremely concerned (save for Master Order) due to his insane decision to "clean" the universe via reverting everything back to the way it was prior to the Big Bang, effectively trapping all of reality inside a Cosmic Egg.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Edifice Rex has immense cosmic power on a par with Eternity, he is sufficiently advanced that even Galactus and a good number of other Marvel cosmic entities are wary of him.

He is, however, vastly below the power of a being such as Beyonder (prior to Beyonder's retcon).

To give a basic understanding of Rex's potential power Eternity is, roughly, a conceptual mega-being that has the combined power of all living things in the Marvel universe (but not the multiverse) - thus Rex is at least as powerful as a universe onto himself.

This ranks him high among the "universal powers" such as Eternity, Galactus and so on - who exist in a single universe but below the level of multiversal beings such as the Phoenix Force, who exist in multiple universes.



  • He shares some similiarities to Beyonder in being well-intentioned but feared nonetheless due to his unique power (however original Beyonder far surpassed him in power and was played much more seriously)
  • His name is a mix of Edifice (a large, imposing building or complex set of beliefs) and Rex (another name for King) - meaning it roughly translates as "Imposing King".