Edgar the Swamp Witch
Edgar the Swamp Witch is the main antagonist of The Angry Beavers episode Open Wide for Zombies. She is voiced by Beverly Garland.


When the angry beavers arrive at an old swamp house, they saw and bunch of dancing zombie. An old woman named Edgar greets them and introduces herself. She realizes they are beavers and wants the teeth from them for her ultimate voodoo potion. She tells her assistant with an alligator's head to catch them.

While Daggett notice that their beds are missing, which the zombies have taken them, Daggett runs to the zombies and finally catches them, telling the zombies to return his teddy bear. Edgar told him that he won't need him anymore because Daggett will soon be a toothless zombie. When Daggett tries to escape, but Edgar had a voodoo doll beavers, Daggett manages to grab them and escape.

Daggett tries to find his teddy, but Edgar has it. Gatorman casts a spell on it, and plans to cast one on them, but Daggett kicks him in the shin, grabs his teddy, and tries to run. The witch tries to stop him, but Daggett kicks her.

Soon the zombies stop the beavers from escaping. Norbert sees voodoo zombie dolls and uses them to get rid of the zombies. The beavers finally manage to get out, and Daggett realizes the harmonica that Nobert is playing can help them escape. Daggett ties vines around himself, and Norbert grabs them while playing the harmonica, and Daggett swims like a speedboat. But Edgar and Gatorman have a their own boat and chase after them. While they are moving, the line behind Edgar's boat gets tangled in the support beams on the swamp house. They accidentally destroy the house, which causes them to drown. The beavers finally make their escape